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  • General Information
  • Foreign Trade Capacity
  • Product Research & Development Capacity
  • Management System and Product Certification
  • Production Capacity & Quality Control
  • Financial Position
  • Working Environment
  • Photos
  • Industry Information
  • Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
Company:Qingdao Ruifeng Gas Co., Ltd.
SGS Serial NO.:QIP-ASR145256
Audit Date:May 7, 2014
Report Price:US $39.50 (Payment Method)

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Company Type:Manufacturer
Year of established:Nov 23,1998
Registered capital:RMB 56450000
Products:Producing: Helium Gas, Argon Gas, High Purity Gas, Acetylene Gas; Sales: Gas Cylinder, Cryogenic Liquid Cylinder.
Number of Employees:168
Market:South America,Europe,Africa
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Qingdao Ruifeng Gas Co., Ltd.

Shandong, China
Account Registered in: 2009
Business Type: Manufacturer